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5 Favorite New England Ice Cream Tastes


One often-repeated but hard-to-verify factoid states that New Englanders take in more ice cream per capita than folks anywhere else in the nation, and we’re inclined to believe it. In addition to our general ice cream love, nevertheless, we have actually likewise cornered the market on a couple of ice cream flavors that are frequently considered particularly New England-y. Topped with chocolate, obviously.

Can you think what they are? Continue reading to find out more about 5 Favorite New England ice cream flavors, then let us know yours!

5 Favorite New England Ice Cream Flavors.

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https://newengland.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/favorite-new-england-ice-cream-flavors-720×540.jpg” width=” 720″ > 5 Favorite New England Ice Cream Flavors. Aimee Tucker Searching for one place that might deliver scoops of all 5 on my list, I made the 15 minute drive from the Yankee workplace to< a href=" https://newengland.com/yankee-magazine/living/new-england-nostalgia/kimball-farm-ice-cream/" rel =" noopener "target=" _ blank "> Kimball Farm in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. You might remember we checked out Kimball Farm earlier this summertime, looking for recommendations on how to make one of their popular banana splits, but if not, you can < a href =" https://newengland.com/article/food/kimball-farm-ice-cream" rel=" noopener

target=” _ blank” > enjoy the video here. With the assistance of friendly scooper Taran, I left equipped with 5 kiddie cups filled with cold, creamy goodness. Sadly, they were also melting quickly! October weather condition in New England, as all of us know, can go in either case, and it was a warm one– nearing 70 degrees! Ice cream tastes simply as good soft as it does rock-hard from the freezer.

So, here they remain in alphabetical order (no playing favorites when it concerns a group of favorites, right?).


Black Raspberry Ice Cream

< img alt=" Black Raspberry Ice Cream

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” src= “https://newengland.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/black-raspberry-ice-cream-431×650.jpg” width=” 431 “>

Black Raspberry Ice Cream Aimee Seavey BLACK RASPBERRY ICE CREAM Whenever we discuss New England food on our social media channels, we hear a great deal of love for black raspberry ice cream. Vibrantly purple and raspberry sweet, this one is a colorful keeper.

Coffee Ice Cream

< img alt =" Coffee Ice Cream" height =" 650"

src=” https://newengland.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/coffee-ice-cream-457×650.jpg” width=” 457″ >

Coffee Ice Cream Aimee Seavey COFFEE ICE CREAM Ahhh, coffee ice cream. Here in New England( and specifically in Rhode Island ), we take our coffee love seriously, and that includes in ice cream form. Smooth and vibrant with huge coffee taste, the only way to make it much better is to blend it into a coffee cabinet (or < a href=" https://newengland.com/article/new-england-101/milk-shakes-frappes-cabinets" rel= "noopener ” target= “_ blank “> frappe)

made with Autocrat Coffee Syrup. Make a Batch:< a href=" https://newengland.com/recipe/creamy-coffee-ice-cream" rel=" noopener" target=" _ blank"

Frozen Pudding Ice Cream

> Creamy Coffee Ice Cream

Recipe< img

alt=” Frozen Pudding Ice Cream” height=”

650″ src =” https://newengland.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/frozen-pudding-ice-cream-471×650.jpg” width =” 471″ > Frozen Pudding Ice Cream Aimee Seavey FROZEN PUDDING ICE CREAM Some state it’s a gotten taste, some say it’s just a Yankee word for dressed up rum raisin, while others claim you have actually got to be of a certain age to order it, however the rum-based frozen pudding ice cream, packed with plump fruit, is still a traditional. We frequently speak with New Englanders that have actually given that moved away, wondering if you can still purchase a cup. “It was my Father’s preferred taste in the past” one reader said.

Grapenut Ice Cream

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Ice Cream” height=

” 650″ src =” https://newengland.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/grapenut-ice-cream-437×650.jpg” width

=” 437 “> Grapenut Ice Cream Aimee Seavey GRAPENUT ICE CREAM We enjoy Grapenut anything in New England (particularly< a href=" https://newengland.com/recipe/grapenut-pudding" rel =" noopener" target =" _ blank "> Grapenut Pudding ), so why not ice cream? Here, a vanilla base ice cream is thick with nutty, soft bits of Grape-Nuts cereal. Attempt it once and love it for life! We swear!

Make a Batch: < a href= "https://newengland.com/recipe/grapenut-raisin-ice-cream" rel=" noopener"

Maple Walnut Ice Cream

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Grapenut Ice Cream Dish< img alt=" Maple

Walnut Ice Cream” height= “650” src=” https://newengland.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/maple-walnut-ice-cream-442×650.jpg”

width= “442” > Maple Walnut Ice Cream Aimee Seavey MAPLE WALNUT ICE CREAM A true New England classic. Creamy maple ice cream studded with crunchy walnuts– does it get any better than this?

The last time we asked our Facebook fans about coffee ice cream, we heard a great deal of replies like this instead:

  • Coffee Ice cream? Readily available anywhere. BUT, Maple Walnut Ice cream … now you’re talking about an unusual reward.
  • I’m a born and raised New Englander (MA), I like coffee ice cream. Oh that maple walnut– LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
  • ” Maple Walnut ice cream is a rare uncommon reward that is something I can not find anywhere in Tucson, AZ. When we lived back in Maine I remember consuming Maple Walnut with sour cream potato chips. It was scrumptious …”

Clearly this is one special New England ice cream flavor worth treasuring.

Make a Batch:

Dish Which ice cream flavors remind YOU of New England? Let us understand in the remarks!

This post was very first published in 2015 and has been updated.

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