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Fresh Peach Ice Cream – American Heritage Cooking

This Fresh Peach Ice Cream will make your mouth-water with it’s juicy, fresh peach flavor.  It’s like taking a bite of the creamiest, frozen, ripest peach you can imagine wrapped in a sweet dessert!

{Cough, Cough} Everyone! Pay attention. Today I am introducing you to one of my favorite people of all time, my blogging BFF, Kristi. She blogs over at Inspiration Kitchen where you will find tons of delicious appetizers, spicy dishes (holy wow does Kristi like her spice…funny story about that here), mouthwatering main courses, delectable sweets, or some combination of spicy sweet like this Chipotle Peanut Brittle. Oh and lots of shrimp…she loves her some shrimp! Seriously, the woman has it all! She has winning flavor combinations on lockdown!

I cannot remember exactly how I found Inspiration Kitchen, but I know that over the past year (has it really been that long?!) Kristi made me laugh and love her more with each and every post, comment or email! We have so much in common, it’s kind of creepy.

But can we please talk about this ice cream!!! I am all over this Fresh Peach Ice Cream just like Kristi knew I would be! Remember I had that ice cream moment this summer with all sorts of awesome flavors including the BEST chocolate ice cream? And then this French Vanilla Ice Cream to celebrate going to culinary school? I know. It’s a problem! But now I can’t wait to make this peach ice cream!

I just want to eat up this whole bowl and go hunt in the freezer for more!

Hi AHC lovers!  I am Kristi from Inspiration Kitchen.  I’m {self proclaimed} Lindsey’s blogging BFF. 🙂

I’m totally honored to be here guest posting for Lindsey, but can I trust you with a little secret???

I feel like I’m home…

You see… what you may not know about me is, that I’m not only a follower and a friend, but as it turns out, Lindsey and I have learned that we sssooo speak the same food love language, that we are like sistahs!

Except that…

Which means, we are perfect for each other!  🙂

Her not being able to handle the heat like I do, means more for Moi!  And of course, I’m all about sweets too, so I’m totally all over what she makes, which means more for Moi!  See how this goes? Essentially Moi is happy!

Because I know that Lindsey loves sweets, I wanted to make her something that would literally make her mouth water.  With her being from Georgia, I couldn’t imagine a better recipe than a Fresh Peach Ice Cream.

Let me tell you…  you.will.die.this.is.so.good.

It’s like biting into the ripest, juiciest, most mouth-watering peach you can imagine.

Close your eyes…  Can you feel the juice drizzle down your chin?

But wait!  It’s mixed with a rich, heavy cream, then frozen into a decadent frozen dessert that you will love.  The best Peach Ice Cream you’ll ever taste.

Whether you serve it in an ice cream dish, a sugar cone or eat it straight from the container, the prominent peach flavor will not be lost on you!

To make this ice cream completely amazing, buy peaches that have great color, are ripe and are firm to the touch, yet the flesh should yield slightly.  And make sure they have a warm, fragrant peach aroma!

In this Peach Ice Cream, I used both the flesh and the skin of the peach and discarded the pit.  By using the skin, you will get flecks of the skin in the ice cream, which gives it a nice orange color with flecks of red.  It’s really festive, and enhances the peach flavor!  So don’t feel like you have to peel the peach.  Save yourself sometime and enjoy the color!

Now here’s what I’d like you to do…go get an ice cream scoop, a BIG bowl and a… No!!!… a spoon!  Of course I mean a spoon!!!  Because we’re going to get elbows deep into this FRESH Peach Ice Cream. Heck, we might even just smash our face into the bowl and save ourselves washing the, er… spoon.  My bad.

Friends, I hope you’re dressed for this, because it’s just that good!

I know you’re anxious to get to the recipe – so, let’s do this!

It has been such a great pleasure meeting all of you!  I hope you’ll stop by to visit @ IK and say hello!


I know you will love Kristi as much as I do, so hop on over there and check her out! You can (and should) follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!!!

You should also check out her Etsy store! Kristi sent me this apron for Christmas and I LOVE it! She also sent me a matching tea towel but that is a story for another time.

Fresh Peach Ice Cream {Guest Post}

This Fresh Peach Ice Cream will make your mouth-water with it’s juicy, fresh peach flavor. It’s like taking a bite of the creamiest, frozen, ripest peach you can imagine wrapped in a sweet dessert!




*I used 4 peaches with the skin on (washed first) to get more flavor and texture.

**Vanilla Bean Paste will give you a much sweeter and richer taste than Vanilla Bean Extract. I highly recommend you use Vanilla Bean Paste.

***The food coloring is entirely optional! If you choose NOT to use food coloring, please expect the ice cream to be much whiter in color. This is due to the heavy cream and half-and-half, which really dilutes the natural peach color, which is why I personally chose to use orange food coloring!

I Scream, You Scream…

The BEST Chocolate Ice Cream (no, but seriously, all chocolate lovers must try this…)