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Harper’s: Homemade ice cream at Rybrew in Brewerytown

Ryan and Stephanie Pollock, who own the sandwich store Rybrew in Brewerytown, took on two basic managers a year and a half earlier.

Chris and Kate Perotti, who transferred from the Tampa Bay area, developed into dream workers: They live in the community, and they have an excellent manage on business. They also have a 3rd quality: skills at making premium ice cream. The couple founded Urban Creamery in St. Petersburg, Fla.

. The Pollocks and the Perottis are now in the ice cream organisation here, making and selling Harper’s ice cream out of Rybrew, 2816 W. Girard Ave. “We’re purchasing each other,” Ryan Pollock states.


Chris Perotti (left), Ryan Pollock, and Kate Perotti of Harper’s Ice Cream at Rybrew, 2816 W. Girard Ave. That’s cookies and cream at left, vanilla bean and blueberry cobbler at center, and dairy-free almond-blueberry-honey at right.

They make the ice cream from local milk and cream, as well as their own. house-made flavorings, such as peanut fragile, caramel, and bananas Foster (for the banana pudding flavor).

At any provided time, they provide six flavors of ice cream, plus a dairy-free range and vegan range.

The regular ice cream clocks in at an abundant 16-percent butterfat.

In the meantime, they’re offering scoops, cones, and pints; since Rybrew is a bottle shop, you can get beer drifts and ice cream sodas.

The Harper’s name– not to be puzzled with Harper’s Garden restaurant at 18th Street near Market– comes from the neighboring Harper Street.


Menu board for Harper’s ice cream at Rybrew, 2816 W. Girard Ave.