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LG Made an Instant Ice Cream Machine That Uses Pods Like a Keurig – Geek.com

Sure, Keurig and Tassimo machines make it easy to enjoy a nice, hot beverage in the morning. But what about those rare occasions when you want to kickstart your day with a nice, frosty bowl of ice cream?

You could scoop a little from a container, sure. But why settle for store-bought when you could press a button and enjoy freshly-prepared soft serve instead?

If LG has their way, that might be a reality in the very near future. At SXSW this year LG is showing off a new countertop appliance that they’re calling SnowWhite (for now, anyways), The Verge reported. It’s a compact machine that that uses a pair of pods to whip up frozen treats in a flash.

LG unveiled its prototype personal ice cream maker, SnowWhite, which uses specialized capsules, at SXSW. (Photo Credit: LG)

Snow White can make more than just ice cream. Its “base texture” pods can produce frozen custard, frozen yogurt, gelato, granita (similar to Italian ice, but coarser), sherbet, and sorbet. The second pod contains flavorings.

And because you can never have enough pods in your kitchen, there’s a third type of pod to make using Snow White as convenient as possible. When it’s time to freshen things up, just pop in the special cleaning pod and let the machine run through its cycle.

Snow White is just a prototype at this point, but LG has already proven that they’re willing to roll the dice on gadgets like these.

Toward the end of last year they took the wraps off a countertop beer maker called LG HomeBrew. They took it to CES in January to show it off, and it generated quite a buzz (pun intended).

If you’ve got enough room on your counter, why not pick up the pair? Just think how cool it’d be to share freshly-made beer floats with your guests. You know, as long as they’re not disgusted by the thought of them.

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