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Review: Candy Cane and Gingerbread Gelato at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

One of my favorite parts of this time of year is seeing all of the Gingerbread House Displays at the Disney World Resort Hotels! Better yet, I love spying all of the new festive sweets available at the displays. And this year, The Boardwalk Inn is hosting not only an updated display, but a few new treats as well… .

For the past few years, the BoardWalk Inn has returned to celebrating its turn-of-the-century Atlantic seashore theme with its gingerbread display.

Ginger’s Bread and Cookie Shoppe

For 2015, the simultaneous display and shop (a la the Grand Floridian Gingerbread House) has been reimagined as Ginger’s Bread and Cookie Shoppe.

Ginger’s Bread and Cookie Shoppe Sign

The cut outs for picture poses surrounding the display are all Christmas themed, and look like something right on the Jersey Shore boardwalk!

Display at Ginger’s Bread and Cookie Shoppe

Display at Ginger’s Bread and Cookie Shoppe

Like the other Gingerbread Displays, Ginger’s Bread and Cookie Shoppe has plenty of holiday treats for sale. Gingerbread Cookies (Shingles and Mickey versions) are available alongside various Sugar Cookies.

Gingerbread Cookies

Sugar Cookies

At just about every display you’ll find full loaves of Stollen— a traditional German fruit bread covered in sugar.

Stollen Bread

I think the bags of Caramel Popcorn go really well with the seashore boardwalk theme; you’ll find them next to the Peppermint Bark.

Caramel Popcorn and Peppermint Bark

Now here is the surprise… they have a selection of holiday-themed Gelato this year! Candy Cane and Gingerbread Gelato are your choices. It’s a pretty fun find; something a little different with some coolness during the not-so-winter Florida temperatures!

Gelato Flavors

You can’t smell all that gingerbread from the displays and not want to try something made with those festive spices, so I tried the Gingerbread Gelato first.

Gingerbread Gelato

They are in convenient grab-and-go containers, but the serving sizes aren’t very big (and note that, unlike many of the singular snacks, the Gelato is not available as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan).

Gingerbread Gelato Label

The texture of Disney World gelato is typically spot on… and here it’s no different . The gelato is soft and sweet. You can easily see all the cinnamon and nutmeg mixed throughout, and it really makes the flavors pop.

Close Up Of The Gingerbread Gelato

The Candy Cane Gelato is, first of all, wonderfully pretty to look at. Candy Cane lovers will be thrilled to see the amount of crushed candy on top! The gelato itself is also peppermint-flavored, so you have that great taste throughout.

Candy Cane Gelato

Between the peppermint gelato and all of that candy cane, I was really surprised to discover that the flavor wasn’t too overwhelming. It was actually very enjoyable, and a really refreshing holiday option.

Before we go, I’d also like to share some of the other Christmas decorations you’ll find around BoardWalk Inn. It ain’t all gingerbread around these parts . Make sure you take time to check out all the beautifully-themed Resort trees during your own personal Gingerbread Display Tour!

BoardWalk Indoor Christmas Trees

The gorgeous garlands weighted down with hundreds of vintage ornaments are some of my favorite decorations in all of Walt Disney World.

Indoor Christmas Tree

BoardWalk Outdoor Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you Happy Holidays from Disney’s BoardWalk Inn!

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Will you be trying these new gelato offerings at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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