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Vegan Donut Gelato Fulfills Classic Sweets Cravings in Oakland

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Vegan Donut Gelato Fulfills Classic Sweets Cravings in Oakland


Vegan Donut Gelato has a pretty straightforward name. They make sweets with no eggs, no dairy, and less sugar. The gelato is slow churned Italian ice cream that promises a richer, creamier experience that’s lower in fat, calories, and sugar than traditional ice cream. But that might be negated if you order it with a donut!

Their donut menu includes all of the classics. You can enjoy glazed donuts, chocolate donuts, jelly donuts, maple bars, twists, apple fritters, and more. They also offer bear claws and cinnamon rolls and a few specialty donuts like maple (soy) bacon. If you’re practicing sweets in moderation, donut holes and mini cinnamon rolls are also available.

You can enjoy your vegan pastry with organic coffee or organic tea. We’ve heard that they offer dairy-free almond milk for a cream splash. Or you can go all out and order a vegan donut gelato sandwich. Their gelato is available in a rotating selection of flavors, and it can be ordered in a cup, cone, or smashed between two donut halves. The gelato flavors might include lemon cheesecake, rocky road, cookies ‘n cream, or mint chocolate chip, among others.

As a heads up, the prices at this specialty shop aren’t cheap. But the consensus is that they are well worth the splurge.

Vegan Donut Gelato opens bright and early, serving sweets throughout the day. But they are closed on Tuesdays.

Where to Find Vegan Donut Gelato

Location: 411 E 18th St, Oakland, CA 94606

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