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You Can Now Buy Sour Patch Children Ice Cream

You Can Now Purchase Sour Patch Children Ice Cream

Far, it’s only been spotted at one location.

Less than a year after partnering with Baskin-Robbins to make Sour Patch Kids-infused ice cream, the candy business’s expanding its reach, bringing a whole brand-new range to freezer aisles all over. This year’s dessert seems custom-made for summertime– with a star-spangled lid and “Red, White, And Blue” as its official name– and it’s going to be a total assault to your senses with all of the textures and flavors going on.

It’s not just ice cream. No, this 1.5-quart tub is a mix of lemon sorbet and vanilla light ice cream. Second, it has a Redberry swirl snaking through it, which is basically like liquid Sour Spot Children. Third, it’s studded with actual chunks of the gummy sweet. Instagrammer Processed food Mommy evaluated the flavor, stating the Redberry swirl is actually where the tartness comes in. “Yikes– if you get a spoonful of it, I ensure your face will pucker up,” she wrote.

Up until now, numerous Instagrammers have found the flavor at Walmart stores– and Processed food Mother says it’s made by Dreyer’s– but we haven’t gotten confirmation whether it’s a Walmart unique, or if it’s indeed made by the Nestle-owned business.

Sour Patch Kids has actually been dabbling with frozen deals with for a while. In addition to the Baskin-Robbins taste, Dippin’ Dots has a Redberry Sherbet range, and Popsicle offered ice pops motivated by the candy. This one, however, has the most possible to be polarizing, specifically for individuals with strong viewpoints on blending sour and sweet– or putting gummy candy in ice cream (which, undoubtedly, hardens and loses some of the chewy texture).